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Walkabout NYC – May 2011

Inspired by Danny Choo‘s long running A Week in Tokyo series (possible NSFW link), I want to post an odd assortment of photos taken around NYC in the month of May. Instead of one off twitpics, a series of unrelated NYC photos makes for good juxtaposition.

NYC Subway Ad

Dorky yet amusing.

Kalbi from Shilla Ktown

You can never have too much Kalbi.

Vintage Bowling Set

I don’t remember what UWS furniture store this came from.

Red Mango Fulton St Grand Opening

More pay by the ounce yogurt shops is a good thing. The white peach yogurt I got was a bit too runny

Soul Daddy sauces

South St Seaport area – Soul Daddy of American’s Next Great Restaurant fame

Xiao Long Bao sauce stacks

So great, so far away. Nan Xiang Dumpling House in Flushing

Shaved Ice topped with Condensed Milk

As you can tell, I’m never one to shy away from blanket generalizations! Condensed milk goes great with everything! So does tapioca pearls, aloe vera, and bacon (though not necessarily all in the same dish)

Also in Flushing, at Ice Fire Land

Uniqlo Captain Jack Sparrow Shirt

The Disney hype machine is building up for the latest Pirate’s movie. This shirt was spotted at Uniqlo

Goomba hats

From the Nintendo World store, goomba merch

Bowser backpack

You guessed it, from the Nintendo World store. I’d buy this, but $50 is too much for a novelty backpack

TSL3 Afterparty

From the TSL3 afterparty, you can see Thorzain in the background with the adidas three stripes garb

Brown Butter with Candied Bacon on Brioche Cookie

Coolhaus in NYC. That is one seriously heavy dessert

Monopoly Graffiti

Representing the streets of NYC

Chelsea Market exit

The Chelsea Market is a great example of repurposing old buildings (but this isn’t new news)

Whole Foods - Columbus Circle

Looking down at the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center

Uniqlo X Canon

Uniqlo rocks. I went there to return some stuff and ended up buying a graphic T while browsing. They have T-shirt collaborations with brands (such as MGS) that constantly cycle.

Naruto statue

While I enjoyed Naruto several years ago, I’m too old to be wearing Konoha merch.

EOS DSLR Body T-Shirt

They currently have a Corporate Collaboration theme for T-shirts. This includes brands like Canon, IBM, and Meiji.

EOS DSLR Parts T-Shirt

Not the sharpest shot, but this shows DSLR parts.

I didn’t end up buying either Canon shirt, even though Canon rocks. Maybe they could come out with a T-Shirt that has the DSLR (with a 70-200 please) & lens strap superimposed on it. Sort of like those tie shirts that are kind of cool, but not really.

Monster Hunter T-Shirt

As I mentioned, I picked up a T-shirt. I got this because it looks badass and I’d wear it in public. Plus, the games sell a metric ton in Japan, which is a plus.


Kojima @Uniqlo NY

Went to Uniqlo SoHo today, the line was insane. The checkout cashiers told me that people waited as much as 19 hours (overnight basically). While I would expect a big turnout for Kojima, I underestimated a city that has people wait at Apple stores for no reason than to get some publicity for their free time (see iPad launch).

Kojima signing things on the mezzanine

Uniqlo is an affordable Japanese clothing brand that carries everyday basics.

Kojima's surround

A closer shot of Kojima surrounded by press, staff, and security.

The signing event was Noon – 2pm. I was there during the first hour, but I don’t know how long he stayed at Uniqlo. From people in line I spoke to, you had to get in line before 9AM to stand a good chance of having your stuff signed.

Yes, he's in a clothing store

Autograph line on the ground floor

This line continued out the store, around the block (and around a few more blocks?). Uniqlo isn’t even the corner store, FYI

Kojima with a fan

He must be used to signing stuff and his rockstar status among gamers.

Retail display about MGS Peace Walker

There were a variety of MGS shirts on sale for just over $15. I liked the MGS designs, but I don’t necessarily like the “Peace Walker” logo on the backside

MGS T's for sale

Kojima himself was wearing one of the Uniqlo shirts that said “BIG BOSS.” I got one of those for myself, but I don’t know how often I would wear it out

Cardboard boxes don't get any better than this folks!

Gotta love being able to hide from super serious, genetically enhanced guards in a cardboard box

Event postcard

This event had great turnout as expected. Kojima has so many fans, and I’m glad that he was able to come out and promote MGS for the fans