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Maptime Movement

I’ve attended Maptime in both NYC & LA. Each location seems to make the event their own. If you’re interested in maps, you should definitely check out a local Maptime event.


In NYC, we worked on different mapping challenges (subway maps, D3.js, etc.). In LA, we went over using git & Github.

New York Clockwise

The Times has a great article about circumnavigating the city. By foot.

The idea is simple: walking the circumference of Manhattan in one go. The writer mentions 12 hours and band-aids. Walking for 12 hours sounds like a doable endurance challenge and it’s not nearly as bad as trying to become part of the Adirondack Winter Forty-Sixers.

Who’s with me to do this? My only concerns are that Winter is fast approaching and you would need to dedicate one full day (a Saturday) of your weekend to do it.

Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other @NewMuseum

What do you wish for?

At the New Museum, you can make a wish and tie a ribbon around your wrist. According to a church in Brazil, your wish is granted when the ribbon falls off.

New Museum Lobby

Below are various ribbons hanging on the wall. As part of the exhibit, guests are able to take one off the wall.

“I wish to let go of all my fears, especially the ones that aren’t really mine.”

“I wish I could find the perfect home.”

“I wish one day I would have a dog.”

“I wish I could find peace of mind.”

“I wish I could make my parents happy.”

“I wish for God.”

“I wish I could turn back time.”

“I wish I could always see the humor in things.”

Wall of ribbons

“I wish I had the answer."

“I want to succeed in NY.”

“I wish to be skinny.”

“I wish for it all to get better.”

“I wish for my dream.”

“I wish I could get rid of guilt.”

“I wish to find something I am truly passionate about.”

“I wish to take better care of myself.”

Tonight, the admission to this museum was free. No photos were allowed on the exhibit floors, so I only took photos of the main lobby’s ribbon exhibit. The exhibits were very trippy, and I kept trying to figure out if everything was an art piece or not. As in, walking through the staircase between floors, I kept expecting something to pop out at me that was secretly an art installation. The New Museum has a rooftop garden that I want to check out on the weekends when it’s open.

Kojima @Uniqlo NY

Went to Uniqlo SoHo today, the line was insane. The checkout cashiers told me that people waited as much as 19 hours (overnight basically). While I would expect a big turnout for Kojima, I underestimated a city that has people wait at Apple stores for no reason than to get some publicity for their free time (see iPad launch).

Kojima signing things on the mezzanine

Uniqlo is an affordable Japanese clothing brand that carries everyday basics.

Kojima's surround

A closer shot of Kojima surrounded by press, staff, and security.

The signing event was Noon – 2pm. I was there during the first hour, but I don’t know how long he stayed at Uniqlo. From people in line I spoke to, you had to get in line before 9AM to stand a good chance of having your stuff signed.

Yes, he's in a clothing store

Autograph line on the ground floor

This line continued out the store, around the block (and around a few more blocks?). Uniqlo isn’t even the corner store, FYI

Kojima with a fan

He must be used to signing stuff and his rockstar status among gamers.

Retail display about MGS Peace Walker

There were a variety of MGS shirts on sale for just over $15. I liked the MGS designs, but I don’t necessarily like the “Peace Walker” logo on the backside

MGS T's for sale

Kojima himself was wearing one of the Uniqlo shirts that said “BIG BOSS.” I got one of those for myself, but I don’t know how often I would wear it out

Cardboard boxes don't get any better than this folks!

Gotta love being able to hide from super serious, genetically enhanced guards in a cardboard box

Event postcard

This event had great turnout as expected. Kojima has so many fans, and I’m glad that he was able to come out and promote MGS for the fans

Peter Luger

Peter Luger opened in 1887 Williamsburg. They are known for their Porterhouse steak cooked expertly. The menu is no frills and they are cash only (unless you are ballin’ with the official Peter Luger credit card that is totally unnecessary).

This post is going to be mostly pictures and will provide the goods.

Very simple, pick how many people the steak will feed

Hearty cut of bacon appetizer

The porterhouse tilted so that the juice flows to one end. This was very well cooked as you would expect

The plated meal: porterhouse, creamed spinach, German style potatoes

The ice cream sundae. The chocolate cow is a very nice touch

This is a NY institution that is worth the reservation.

NY from Atop

Some scenic NY shots. I don’t think you could point a camera at this environment and not have some nice looker photos.

Midtown Buildings

Daytime around midtown.

40th Floor Tricycle

Someone’s kid has their own patio space to bike around. This was 40+ floors up. Kind of dangerous?

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Overlooking the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir (aka Central Park).

Guggenheim Museum

View of the museum across the reservoir.

Midtown at Night

Aside from the watermark and resizing, none of these images were altered in any way.

Midtown Sunset

This is a view of the Hudson River (from NY to NJ).

Hudson River Dock

A close up of the Hudson River docking area.

NY Upper West Side Eats

Some pictures from today’s food:

Gray's Papaya

Gray's Papaya Hotdogs

It came with a papaya juice. Not as dirt cheap as I thought, but still cheap for NY.

Gray's Papaya

Gray's Papaya Interior

They have juices behind the counter lined up against the wall. To the right are endless Frankfurts.

H & H Bagels

H & H Bagels Storefront

This place wasn’t that crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

H & H Everything Bagel

H & H Everything Bagel

The everything has everything on it. It was salty like a pretzel – next time, I should just pick 1 topping and go with it.