Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other @NewMuseum

What do you wish for?

At the New Museum, you can make a wish and tie a ribbon around your wrist. According to a church in Brazil, your wish is granted when the ribbon falls off.

New Museum Lobby

Below are various ribbons hanging on the wall. As part of the exhibit, guests are able to take one off the wall.

“I wish to let go of all my fears, especially the ones that aren’t really mine.”

“I wish I could find the perfect home.”

“I wish one day I would have a dog.”

“I wish I could find peace of mind.”

“I wish I could make my parents happy.”

“I wish for God.”

“I wish I could turn back time.”

“I wish I could always see the humor in things.”

Wall of ribbons

“I wish I had the answer."

“I want to succeed in NY.”

“I wish to be skinny.”

“I wish for it all to get better.”

“I wish for my dream.”

“I wish I could get rid of guilt.”

“I wish to find something I am truly passionate about.”

“I wish to take better care of myself.”

Tonight, the admission to this museum was free. No photos were allowed on the exhibit floors, so I only took photos of the main lobby’s ribbon exhibit. The exhibits were very trippy, and I kept trying to figure out if everything was an art piece or not. As in, walking through the staircase between floors, I kept expecting something to pop out at me that was secretly an art installation. The New Museum has a rooftop garden that I want to check out on the weekends when it’s open.