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Git Config Email String

This is about a simple problem that is obvious after the fact. I was having an issue with my commits on github.com not being linked to my github account. It seemed like I had set everything up (git email configured locally & e-mail set in my github.com account), but it wasn’t working.

On a mac, you probably know you can set your git user e-mail this way:

git config --global user.email name@domain.com

Following the github guide (https://help.github.com/articles/setting-your-commit-email-address-in-git/), I included quotes when setting my git config email.

git config --global user.email "name@domain.com"

It turns out that was a mistake for me since my commits were being associated with “name@domain.com” instead of name@domain.com. Note: the inclusion vs exclusion of quote characters.

After running the git config command above without quotes, I was able to properly link my commits on github to my github user profile.

Reader Link Returns

Whoohoo! This is a good thing.

Gmail screenshot

Three Gmail things to note (from top left, clockwise):

  1. The Favicon Google Labs option is smart design.
  2. The Google Reader link is back! This deserves more exclamation marks.
  3. I’ve had the BETA tag on since it came out in Google Labs.

Regarding #2, people may say RSS is dead, but RSS is still an amazing, useful technology.