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Git Config Email String

This is about a simple problem that is obvious after the fact. I was having an issue with my commits on github.com not being linked to my github account. It seemed like I had set everything up (git email configured locally & e-mail set in my github.com account), but it wasn’t working.

On a mac, you probably know you can set your git user e-mail this way:

git config --global user.email name@domain.com

Following the github guide (https://help.github.com/articles/setting-your-commit-email-address-in-git/), I included quotes when setting my git config email.

git config --global user.email "name@domain.com"

It turns out that was a mistake for me since my commits were being associated with “name@domain.com” instead of name@domain.com. Note: the inclusion vs exclusion of quote characters.

After running the git config command above without quotes, I was able to properly link my commits on github to my github user profile.