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Blurry Philly

Didn’t have the DSLR out today, and here is where the 3GS’s camera would come in handy.

Anyways, it’s blurry, delicious food time:

99 Miles to Philly

Near 14 st’s union square.

The Menu

I went with Steak + Whiz + Wit.

Supposedly Cheez Whiz & Wit*Out are the authentic options, but I like my beef with onions.

The combo - Cheesesteak, Waffle Fries, Soda

Pictured here is only 1/2 of the Cheesesteak. I went with Sunkist to mix it up, after usually going with Coca-Cola.

Everything here was good. The cheesesteak was deliciousness in sandwich form. The waffle fries had an excellent texture to it. Some minor detractors: the bread was cold to the touch, and the place has a very strong meat smell (not in a good way) inside.

I definitely recommend this place and hope to come here again (after pausing for my arteries to heal).