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Philly Cheesesteaks

Went south to get some sandwiches.

As a first timer, we had to hit the tourist spots: Geno’s & Pat’s. Little did I realize they were right across the street from each other, next to a park.


Geno’s, clearly going for the Shock & Awe campaign.

Inside Geno's

Geno's Menu

Nice & simple. Tourists want the cheesesteak. I assume locals (if hypothetically locals ate here) go for the roast pork.

Geno's Cheesesteak

As you can see, there isn’t that much meat for a $9 sandwich. The cheese (whiz) shines with a high cheese to meat ratio.

Pat's Front

Pat's Ordering Window

Pat’s offers a lot more options on the menu. I found it unnecessary, but I guess it allows customers to get it their way.

Pat's Menu

Pizza Steak? Fish Cake? What??


Pat's Cheesesteak

Pat’s obviously offers substantially more meat than Geno’s. Here, I’d point out that the line for Pat’s was noticeably longer too.

At both places, I got with onions and cheese whiz. I didn’t get fries because it would fill me up too much. Keep reading to see why I had to preserve stomach space.

Pat's Signage

Since Philly is a two hour drive from NYC, I made an executive decision to hit up a third spot.

Dalessandro's Steaks

Thanks to Serious Eats, we hit upĀ Dalessandro’s.

Dalessandro's Menu

Dalessandro's Cheesesteak

Cheaper than Geno’s and Pat’s (both $9 each), this $7.25 cheesesteak was amazing. The cheese is mixed into the chopped steak (as opposed to topping the meat).

Blurry Philly

Didn’t have the DSLR out today, and here is where the 3GS’s camera would come in handy.

Anyways, it’s blurry, delicious food time:

99 Miles to Philly

Near 14 st’s union square.

The Menu

I went with Steak + Whiz + Wit.

Supposedly Cheez Whiz & Wit*Out are the authentic options, but I like my beef with onions.

The combo - Cheesesteak, Waffle Fries, Soda

Pictured here is only 1/2 of the Cheesesteak. I went with Sunkist to mix it up, after usually going with Coca-Cola.

Everything here was good. The cheesesteak was deliciousness in sandwich form. The waffle fries had an excellent texture to it. Some minor detractors: the bread was cold to the touch, and the place has a very strong meat smell (not in a good way) inside.

I definitely recommend this place and hope to come here again (after pausing for my arteries to heal).