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Github All the Things

socialite by cameronmcefee (http://octodex.github.com/socialite/)

socialite by cameronmcefee (http://octodex.github.com/socialite/)

As Github continues to take over the world, I wanted to share a couple creative ways Pull Requests have been used.

  1. Job Offer

    In January, Carrot Creative made a job offer via a pull request. When I found out about this at Flatiron School, I was ecstatic for Adam Jonas, and I was wondering if this was Carrot’s standard way giving job offers. Apparently, it’s not standard practice, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

  2. RSVP

    Gust is having a Ruby concurrency talk with José Valim in March. Their RSVP page had a simple message: send us a pull request.

    The instructions were super easy for any developer. Fork their repo, create a file with your contact info, and send them a pull request.

While these could have been handled by e-mail or one of the many channels of communication, using Github to do it is simply cool.