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Bian Dang Truck

I’m late to the party, but finally managed to try the Bian Dang truck. They’re known for the common Taiwanese dish, pork chop over rice.

Bian Dang line

Bian Dang logo


$4 is a lot for a zong-zi. I guess that’s the price you pay for convenience. Then again, I still seek out 5 for a dollar Chinatown dumplings, so maybe I’m not the target customer.

Pork Chop over Rice

Nice photo of the goods. $7 for a good amount of food. It’s two pork chops, but no tea egg.

Bian Dang - Food Court 32

This plate of pork chop over rice was taken earlier this year in February at their Ktown branch in Food Court 32. You get a lot more food for roughly the same price at their brick & mortar location.