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Doughnut Plant Chelsea

Chelsea Menu

Went over to the Doughnut Plant grand opening at Chelsea Hotel. At this point, I have to confess I haven’t trekked over to their original LES location yet.

Donut plant is amazing since it shows what you can accomplish by doing one thing well. For a person like myself who is used to Krispy Kreme and generic mom & pop donut shops in CA, Doughnut Plant is an eye opener. The ingredients are premium and the price doesn’t shy away from NYC pricing (think $3 donuts).

Doughnut Pillow Wall

The Chelsea location is a decent size, especially for NYC. Seating exists as a real possibility here.

Carrot Cake Donut

The cream cheese filling made the carrot cake donut pack a much bigger punch. Cream cheese in desserts is akin to bacon in anything. Delicious.

Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon bun was alright. More of a filler type food than the main attraction.

Oatmeal Cake

The oatmeal cake was my favorite donut from Chelsea. Flaked with oatmeal crusting, the texture is amazingly crispy. While not as healthy as a bowl of oatmeal, this donut is a great example of experimenting with nontraditional dessert toppings.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut

A remake of the traditional jelly donut. This guy got squared up and peanut butter topped. High in calories? You bet. Great as part of a routine diet? Yes, if it’s once a month or less.

Brooklyn We Rain Hard

Got soaked at the Chromeo concert yesterday in the ‘burg. It was easy to get to from the L, but the weather kept the crowd small.

Concert Banner

Still props to Jelly & OSA for letting it actually happen. The one next week is going on, but I don’t care for the artists.

Kent Ave line

While the gates “opened” at 2pm, it actually opened around 3:30pm.

East River State Park - Concert Stage

The crowd seemed to pick up during the last two acts, Kid Sister & Chromeo. This photo is from earlier in the afternoon.


They did a number of cover-type songs.

The Suzan on the stage

As you can see, I was on the left side looking towards the stage. The stage itself was extremely exposed to the weather, and there were numerous times where the staff had to get towels, bags, etc to keep the electronics dry.

The Suzan

The lead singers of The Suzan. The band hung out in the crowd after their set and didn’t disappear the second their act was done.


Towards the waterfront, there was apparently a dodgeball tournament while the bands were playing. Cool, I guess.

Charles Schumer

Introduced as a big fan of Chromeo, we have the Shumster on the stage. It’s cool that he wants the free BK shows to go on, and he announced the cancelled show (next week) will go on.

Kid Sister tearing it up on stage

I’m not familiar with Kid Sister, but apparently she is known in Chicagoland. The internets tells me she did a song with Kanye.

Kid Sister with some Chicago artist

I wasn’t able to catch his name, but here’s Kid Sister doing a bit with someone I assume is also from Chicagoland.

Fool's Gold

Ladies & Gentlemen, what you’re really here for. It’s the Fool’s Gold mascot in the crowd! Apparently all the acts in the free event are signed to Fool’s Gold.

Chromeo setup

It takes an army corps of peoples to set up for the 2 person act, Chromeo.

Dave 1 on the left, P-Thugg to the right

And Chromeo’s finally performing! Crap, security tells me I have to put away my camera?

Chromeo's dancers

I forget what they’re called. Chromettes?? No clue, but they came out for a song every so often.


And it’s getting dark… time to wrap up the concert.

While it rained and was pretty miserable moisture-wise (for me and my electronics), it was a great, free performance in NY.