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Bouchon & Pizza

I had a horrendous experience with Katz’s Deli today, so no pictures from there. The lack of service was so great that I simply left without trying anything.

Time Warner Center

I ended up at the Columbus Circle, simply because it was outside the subway exit on my way. You can see Bouchon Bakery’s seated section on the top right.

Ham & Cheese Baguette & Orange Juice

Bouchon Bakery would make a nice upscale snack place (a date or perhaps a quick business meeting?). By upscale, I mean you will be paying upscale prices. That said, the shopping complex is very nice.

The ham & cheese was alright, but it didn’t stand out at all. Bouchon Bakery had lots of sweet baked goods, which seem like they would be worth a try to share with a friend.

I will say the OJ was good, but that’s hardly the point here? I doubt anyone cares about the prepackaged goods versus the handmade food on site.

Famous Ray's Pizza - Chicken

Just so there’s more to this post than just Bouchon, here’s a picture of some NY pizza. There are Ray’s pizza locations all around NY, and they all claim to be THE Ray’s.

The pizza here was good, but I’d go with Grimaldi’s instead.

Halal Food Cart

So there is this well reviewed food cart on 53rd and 6th. Does it live up to the hype?

Halal Guys Cart Line

I showed up on Friday around 7:30pm, and there was a 10-15 minute wait. Not bad at all, but it’s a food cart. Food carts normally have a 0-3 minute wait. This place normally has an hour long wait.

Chicken/Lamb Combo over Rice

The combo with their white sauce. Can’t get enough of that white sauce.

Chicken/Lamb Combo over Rice

This was $6 and quite possibly the tastiest thing I’ve had so far in NY. It’s grilled chicken, lamb, salad mix, yellow rice, and pita bread. What spices they use, I have no idea. But this was pretty much street crack addictive and even tastier. I will need to go back again, as I don’t think words can describe how good this simple plate of grilled meat and rice was.

Greenwich eats

Wandering around in search of more good food. The good news? It definitely exists in bounds.

Mamoun's Falafel

First up is Mamoun’s. They had the usual (for well trafficked restaurants) displays of awards won in past years. One of them was best 4AM place. I went around 4pm? Am I doing it wrong?

Mamoun's Chicken Plate

This grilled chicken plate with pipin’ hot pitas was 10 bucks. It should be enough food for most people, but I still had more appetite. The hot sauce was VERY hot. Would definitely go here again. And you can even argue the “healthy” food angle.


Just walked by this place on the way to another store. I saw the Yelp people like us decal, and it actually intrigued me enough to try “Japanese fried wings.” This is related to Korea fried chicken, but it has more of a teriyaki and sesame seed spin to it.

Teba - chicken wings

The chicken wings (teba), fried potatoes (potemochi), and green tea. The wings were very well flavored and textured. The potemochi and green tea were much less notable. The potemochi has a crisp outside with a gooey mochi inside. Definitely want to swing by here again and grab the katsu sandwich that people on Yelp are raving about.