Ruby Gems Tip: Check Your Version

Quick ruby gems tip:

If you are having issues with a gem (and it seems like the issue has been resolved in the github repo), double check your gem version.

Even though I had the latest version of a gem by having [cci]gem ‘leaflet-rails'[/cci] in my Gemfile, the latest version wasn’t bumped up at (Note: Nothing against leaflet-rails, which is awesome. They’re simply used as a recent, real-life example. )

You can make sure you’re using the latest version of a gem (as it appears on github) by specifying the repo & commit hash:

[cc]gem ‘leaflet-rails’, git: ‘’, ref: ‘0f50faaa35d41e8ba24c73c97d265e061b159d81′[/cc]

This will lock the specific commit in place in your Gemfile.lock