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Food from all over NY

Another day, another post of Manhattan food.


BonChon 20 “wings” plate. I’d say they are more like drumettes. Sorry Bay Area, but this is Korean Fried Chicken done right.

I went to the one on East Village and split 20 soy garlic ones with a friend. The sauce and texture are as good as they’re known for. Apparently they have a happy hour from 4-7pm for all you can eat wings…

Absolute Bagels

I thought this was part of Upper West Side (UWS), but apparently it’s so far up North that it’s considered Manhattan Valley on Yelp.

Bagel Spreads

Don’t be surprised – I went for the Bacon & Cheddar cream cheese.

Garlic Bagel with Bacon & Cheddar cream cheese

I decided to try the Garlic instead of Everything. Not so apparent in this picture, but size-wise, Absolute Bagels is a bit smaller than other bagel shops.

This bagel pictured was toasted and was a lot harder (stiffer?) than I would have liked. The cream cheese spread, as you can see, is pretty ridiculous in it’s own right. The giant chunks of cheddar and bacon visually overpower the cream cheese.

Hello Kitty

Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I went back to the halal cart. This would be the 2nd time within a few days. On the way to the cart, I took the scenic route and came across the Lever House. Seeing a large Hello Kitty, I had no choice but to stop for a moment.

Brooklyn White Castle

Coming from the west coast, I had to give White Castle a try. They have all sorts of retro posters, some proclaiming White Castle as part of a balanced diet.

Double Cheeseburgers

OK, so it is fast food after all. Fast food tends to be cheap, fast, and unhealthily tasty. White Castle was none of these for me. I mean, I would expect it to be tasty (by fast food standards) and not much more. I only had two of these sliders, and I can’t imagine “grabbing a sack” of these to eat.