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Parked, Crowded, and Frozen

Went to Governor’s Island this past Sunday. While I had heard there was a food truck festival, Parked, this weekend, I didn’t make the connection that it was *this* Sunday when I went to check out the island.

The crowd

There were long lines to get onto the island, and then there were the long lines for each foodtruck

Bao Bing

Hey look, someone made a TW shaved ice foodtruck

Kelvin Natural Slush Co truck

The lines were long, but with such a hot, nice NY day, I decided to go for a slushee

Size of the cups

I’m sure there’s a joke somewhere in this photo of the “Slush Fund”

Large slushes

One was a ginger base with Pink Guava. The other was a half tea, half citrus base with White Peach and Vanilla ice cream. Both were good, but I think their choose your own base (from Ginger, Citrus, and Tea) is really confusing. Do I want Ginger, Citrus, or Tea? They all sound good in some ways.

Standard NY Hot Dog Cart line

The fact that there was an extremely long line for your average NY Hotdog cart amuses me. This shows that location is everything as this hotdog cart was merely outside (and nearby) the Parked Foodtruck event and drew a long line. Other foodcarts around the island (that I assume are there everyday) had some lines, but they were pretty short.