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Boston Landmarks

Went to Boston recently. It’s 4-5 hours by bus.

Charles River & Downtown Boston

Boston is surrounded by water and sailing is quite accessible.

Mike's Pastry

Mike’s Pastry has seriously huge pastries, and they are known for their selection of┬ácannoli. This trip was taken before the Boston Stanley cup win.

Boston Public Garden Swan Boats

Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings is a popular set of bronze sculptures. Here they are decked out in Bruin’s gear.

Kanye Glasses

Cuz I’m a dork, here’s some tourist shop Kanye glasses.

John Hancock Tower

This building looks so sleek & modern. The Prudential Tower gets more attention, but I liked the aesthetics of this one better.

Christian Science Center

The Christian Science Center is near the Prudential Tower/Shopping Mall and is nicely built as well.