Xcode Fix Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profiles found

While updating my pomodoro apple watch app, I ran into an issue building my app with the latest Xcode (v6.4). The error was:

Code Sign error: No matching provisioning profiles found: None of the valid provisioning profiles include the devices:
CodeSign error: code signing is required for product type ‘WatchKit App’ in SDK ‘iOS 8.4’

First, I double-checked that my device was registered by UDID in the Apple Developer portal under Devices > iPhone. My code sign error persisted, so I created a new profile under Provisioning Profiles > Development.

  • Under Provisioning Profiles > Development, click on the + sign at the top right
  • Select iOS App Development and hit continue
  • Select the App ID that corresponds to your xcode project and hit continue
  • Give the Provisioning Profile a descriptive name and hit continue
  • Download your profile. It ends in a .mobileprovision extension
  • Double-click on your .mobileprovision file
  • Let Xcode build your project again (and success!)

Debugging Xcode is scary since the error messages are not very helpful. Also, it’s easy to get confused looking in the Apple Developer Portal versus iTunes Connect.