Sake-Infused Mac & Cheese

Apparently Kyotofu is a dessert place. This post is about their excellent mac & cheese.

The Menu

You don’t know how close I was to getting their curry rice.

Mac & Cheese (front), Cha Soba (back)

Warm soba, what is that?

Their brunch comes with a mimosa, which I didn’t realize. With tea + coffee + water + mimosa, there was no lack of hydration at our table.

sake-infused mac & cheese

Close up of “truffle pâté, gruyere, panko”

dessert omakase

People come here for the dessert. I’m admittedly not a dessert expert, but the desserts weren’t that great to me. They do have a wide selection of great sounding desserts and more casual dessert seating in the front of the restaurant.