Canstructed at the WFC Winter Garden

CANgsta's Paradise

I made the trek over to Battery Park to check out Canstruction in the WFC Winter Garden. Throughout the shopping mall, there are can sculptures of different themes. The sculptures are on display for two weeks and then donated to charity for use.

Can Mario 1-UP Hunger?

A giant Mario, presumably about to eat the mushroom.

Mario face close-up

A close-up of his face, full of beans.

Paper Mario

Paper Mario. Get it? Aww, nevermind…

Paint the Town "Fed"

On the other side, “Give” was written in blue.

Don't Let Hunger Spill

This was hard to guess without reading the description. It’s the southern portion of the US affected by the BP oil spill.

I think I 'Can'

MTA fielding an entry? This is a good cause, so the more cans donated to City Harvest, the better.

The Candard Hotel, New York

Like! The High Line Park as depicted in can form. Not entirely visible is The Standard Hotel.

FEASTer Island

This Moai was very photogenic.

Cups Can Only Spill

Nice, simple sculpture.

Tomato Tornado

This tornado was by SOM. Sorry about the yellow cones in all the photos :(

It's a Hit (to Hunger)!

Cue all the children yelling, “You sunk my battleship!”

Battleships close-up

A close up of the nitty gritty: Modern Naval Can Warfare.

Mr. Potato Head

The aptly named, Mr. Potato Head. Maybe next year, someone will attempt a Mr. Pita Bread Head.

Building Blocks Against Hunger

Building Blocks? AKA Legos

A-Salt on Hunger

It’s not immediately obvious what this one represents. If I understand correctly, it’s two individuals hugging each other – representing opposites (black and white). This was made with Evaporated milk cans and Hershey’s syrup.