2AM Cuisine

Some more low-res iPhone photos. I find myself carrying around my DSLR less and less to food places the longer I’ve been here. I hope to reverse that trend by shooting more photos in general.

First up is Crif Dogs, recommended by Lag.

Crif Dogs Counter

This place has an interesting menu. See the next photo below. Crif dogs is a great late night food binge place. Overpriced hotdogs are common throughout the city, I mean you can get a dozen hotdogs at the supermarket for the price of oneĀ hotdog at an establishment.

I won’t deny that hotdogs are delicious, but they are also nutritionally void. Without editorializing much more here, Crif Dogs were delicious and come with exotic toppings.

Crif Dogs Menu

I tried The Crif Dog and the Philly Tubesteak. Not a surprise, but adding cheese and onions to a hotdog made it VERY delicious.

Not shown in detail on the menu are The Crif Paks. It was explained to me that at each price point $10 and up, you get served whatever the kitchen wants to give you. And it will be a lot of food. This sounds like it would be good for the stoner demographic which I assume wants to eat a lot during odd hours. Note that The Crif Paks previously were called Stoner Paks.

The Crif Dog & Philly Tubesteak

Very delicious. There is a lemonade on the top left of the photo. The damage for this was $11 with tip.

Cheep's Falafel Pita

Continuing to walk around the St Marks Place, I found Cheep’s. Cheep’s has a $2 falafel pita which is worth it. Period.

It’s 4 freshly fried falafels with lettuce and white sauce. The pita is a good, large sized, and you can continue to add all sorts of veggies from their free salad bar into your pita. According to Yelp reviews, this place opened within the past week. In NY, being able to find something edible for $2 is amazing, let alone something this fresh, delicious, and large.