Burgers and Brunch

A place that can take on In-N-Out? Impossible you say?

While In-N-Out will always have their incredible Double Double (with onions), Five Guys has great burgers and better plain fries. In-N-Out’s animal style fries are another story.

Five Guys in Brooklyn Heights

There are various locations throughout the east coast.

Brooklyn Heights

Here is a view out of the front of the restaurant.

Five Guys Decor

The decor inside is somewhat similar to In-N-Out with a retro, red & white tile fast food theme.


This cheeseburger had a good heft to it, and the ingredients were noticeably fresh. Between this and In-N-Out, I would say both are good choices. I do cherish the thousand island sauce from In-N-Out as that’s what I’m accustomed to.

French Fries

Portion-wise, you get a lot of fries. One regular order of fries is enough for 2 or more people. Plus, they have free peanuts before you get your food.

Brunch at Alice's Tea Cup

Moving onto Manhattan, this was a nice brunch from a small tea house. The food was prepared well and I think it shows.

Poached eggs on ham & cheese scones with Potato-chicken hash

Martin, how does this compare to your eggs benedict? I’m sure both meals can stand up to a food challenge. What struck me as amazing is that the potato-chicken hash is so┬áhomogeneous. The chicken pieces and potato bits looked nearly identical.

Mixed fresh fruit crepes

The crepe had an excellent texture to it, but I would consider this plate more of a snack or light meal. Not exactly your hearty American breakfast.